artwork imageJoan's Artwork

The following are "thumbnail" images of several of Joan's "wall paintings." To view each in its full size, just click
on the image itself.

Chez Papa 1 Full size image is 334k JPG.

• This is the first of two wall paintings Joan has done at Chez Papa Restaurant in Paris, France. The uniqueness of the paintings at Chez Papa is that they were done using both paints and various food products! This one was done in 1995.

Chez Papa 2 Full size image is 329k JPG.

• This is the second of the wall paintings Joan has done at Chez Papa. This one, titled "The Angel and The Commandant," was done in 1997.

Brusson Full size image is 333k JPG.

• This is a painting completed by Joan in the summer of 1997 while she was visiting the small town of Brusson, Italy. The painting was a way of expressing her thanks to the town and the kindness they showed her while she was there.

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