Original release date: September 1997
Produced by: Wally Wilson and Kenny Greenberg
Executive Producer: Mark Spector
Art Direction and Design: Norman Moore
Photography: Dana Tynan
Recording engineer: Clark Schleicher
Assistant engineers: Graham Lewis and Kent Kelsey
Editing: Mark Lambert
Mixing: Richard Dodd
Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix, Nashville, Tennessee
Additional editing: Van O'Dell
Additional engineering: Dan Rudin
Production Assistants: Chip Voorhis and Karen Kurnutte
Additional musicians and vocalists: Kenny Greenberg, Willie Weeks, Chad Cromwell, Dan Dugmore, Dennis Bernside, Allison Moorer, Richard Bennett, Joe Spivey, Matt Rollings, Michael Rhodes, Curtis Young, Marabeth Jordan, Jim Hoke, Eric Darken, Dar Williams, Wally Wilson, Steve Conn, Greg Morrow, Tim Lauer, Sharon Rice, Sam Wilson, Ellie Wilson, Steve Nathan, Jim Collins
Issued on CD: Guardian 59357-25
Issued on cassette: Guardian 59357-49

Track List:
No Mermaid (S. Lohan)
Reunion Hill (R. Shindell)
Crack In The Mirror (B. Elders)
February (D. Williams)
Fishing (R. Shindell)
If I Wrote You (D. Williams)
Lily (J. Baez, S. Rice, W. Wilson, K. Greenberg)
Who Do You Think I Am (S. Lohan)
Mercy Bound (M. Addison)
Money For Floods (R. Shindell)

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